TLMJ will speed up its global expansion with a new cashless system in place!

“A barcode payment system adopted in Japan from overseas will now be proposed to the world with customization made in Japan.”

From issuing apps to payment apps.

① Issue and remit by setting the time limit.

② Expired money will be returned to the issuer’s charge balance.

The ID and password are shared between the two apps.

Making remittance for registered members or one’s own self

① Charge money for issuing.
② Select the user to be issued, make each setting, and remit money.

Issuing a QR code for sending money

Anyone has a payment app can scan the sending money QR code.

Multiple groups can be registered in one payment app.

You can switch from a private wallet to a business wallet and make separate payments. 
Payment is made from the balance with the shortest time limit for each group.

From myself to myself.
You can manage the money you spend every month.

The expired balance will be automatically refunded to the charge balance of the issuing app.

From a parent to a kid.
Temporary remittances can also be managed with a time limit.

The pocket money app is planned to display a message such as “Entrusted my parent with my balance” when the time limit expires.

You can use this app safely.
You can’t send and charge money with the payment app.

Useful for business.
Your change will be automatically refunded.

The name of the groups except the private are named by the issuer.

Use for a back office support tool.

Resolve issues such as delays in submitting expense claims applications.
Expenses can be processed on time.

Issued as an event promotion item.

Money transfer by a code → Download the image of the QR code

More control over time limits in the official version Paid upgrade plan available.

In Japan, the government and private sector are promoting digitalization, and as a result, the payment market is rapidly expanding from cash to cashless.

IT companies that handle mobile apps, such as barcode payments introduced from overseas, are also increasing, and a separate field has been formed as the barcode payment market. This field is being led by major IT companies that are driving the rapid expansion of the market. For this reason, it is not easy to challenge this field with simple cashless technology. However, in Japan, where cash can be used safely, there are still many cash-oriented people, and there is still plenty of room for growth in the payment market for cashless payments. Therefore, barcode payments that always evolve and have a good affinity with IT will inevitably become the main players in the payment market.

TLMJ will enter this growing field by creating new systems to generate diverse needs and attract even those who were hesitant about cashless payments to the market.

Company NameTLMJ Inc.
LocationJapan Kyoto
EstablishedOctober 2021

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